Nature and Forest Pedagogy Trainer Training

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Nature and Forest Pedagogy Trainer Training

What participants need to bring with them and things to do before education: 

  • Backpack 
  • Mat 
  • Boot  
  • Raincoat 
  • Snack foods like dried nuts and fruits  
  • Water bottle  


Points to must consider 

  • After the education from within 4 months the participants will be must to do practice and will be expected create portfolio in respect to this. 
  • At the end of the education is created google drive file for participants and will uploaded in this file necessary documents like information form, risk analysis forms, weekly application. So that the participants are having to be Gmail account. 
  • For to get certificate the participants are must complete process of portfolio. 
  • The participants must get first aid training after the education for six-week practice. 

The method of education:  

Online education of live (synchronous) and formal 

Every practice will open with 15 persons. 


Education Content 

Day 1 Online Theoretical Education 

  • Philosophy of forest school.  
  • What is the forest school? 
  • What are the eight principals of forest school syllabus? 
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of forest school? 
  • How is the syllabus? 
  • Fear from freedom: Risk and learning at the forest school. 
  • The relation between risk case and forest schools 
  • Risk management 
  • Game types with risk 
  • Benefit of game with risk 
  • How to do risk assessment at the forest school? 
  • Which cases are assessment. 
  • Light a fire at forest school. 
  • The features of field for light a fire 
  • Security measures for light a fire 
  • The process of light a fire with children 
  • Wood types for light a fire 
  • The role of forest school leader 
  • Which have been features the forest school leader 
  • Process management of forest school leader. 


Day 2 Online Theoretical Education 

  • Features of forest school leader. 
  • Preliminary preparations pf leader 
  • Clothing of leader 
  • What should be in the leader of bag 
  • Pedagogic equipment of leader 
  • Use of songs, poems, prays by leaders 
  • Materials like plant, tree, mushroom, spoor 
  • The process and practice of forest school management  
  • Use of materials in forest as for that area of development 
  • Planning the daily schedule 
  • Ritual of daily and monthly 
  • School-parent cooperation activities 
  • The aim of creating morning circle (The significance of talk sticks and talk rocks) 
  • Supporting development areas in forest schools 
  • Language development: puppets and theatres, study of stories, story stones 
  • Mathematics 
  • Art (painting-musical instruments) 
  • Plant recognition, collection and use 
  • Excursions and inspections (cooperation with other institutions) 
  • Primary school preparation 


Day 3 Online Theoretical Education 

  • Forest school area selection and management 
  • Area selection criteria 
  • Converting existing areas into forest schools 
  • The use of colored areas that exist in nature according to the daily condition of the child 
  • Arrangement of the learning space (organization of workshops) 
  • The process of transforming a school into a forest school 
  • Acceptance criteria 
  • Adaptation time 
  • Parent interviews 
  • Observation forms 
  • Planning and behavior formation requirements 
  • Creating of the social environment 


Day 4 Online Theoretical Education 

  • Permaculture at of all ages 
  • Introduction of permaculture 
  • Why and where permaculture 
  • The examples and management of practicing permaculture 



  • Forest school planning process 
  • Planning the daily schedule 
  • Morning circle 
  • Free game 
  • Walk of explore 
  • Provisions time 
  • Evaluation process 
  • Risk-benefit analysis 
  • Turning risks into a learning process 
  • Manage risk situations 
  • Identification and observation of forest areas 
  • The planning and practicing of forest game 
  • What kind of games are included in the forest school 
  • What should be considered when choosing a game 
  • Choosing material will use for forest school 
  • Creating of leader bag 
  • First aid kit and its contents 
  • Child / Participant bag 
  • Leader / Child clothing 
  • Using of tool at forest school 
  • Tool procedures 
  • Storage and maintenance 
  • Protective equipment 
  • Student-centered processes for teaching safe tool use 
  • The management and safety of light a fire 
  • The technique of light a fire and putting out the fire 
  • The methods of building shelter and creating nature shelter 



COMMUNICATION: +90 553 399 93 83 

Who can participate in the education 

Associate Degree, Bachelor's, Master's, PhD students or graduates who perform a practice after education with children can apply for education. 

Number of participants: Will creating a group of at least 15 people. Can attend the education max 20 person. 

The process of education 

Duration of education: 30 Hour 

  • The education will be live broadcast as a synchrony on the internet. 
  • Internet access is necessary for participating in education. 
  • Camera and microphone equipment are necessary for education. 
  • Before the education will send a mail including username and password to participants. 


This training is supplemented with the Europass Certificate. Detailed information about Europass can be found at the link below.


Europass Certificate Supplement 

It is a standard document provided by institutions that issue vocational education or qualification certificates, aiming to make the certificates obtained in different countries easier to understand, especially by employers and educational institutions. It is a document added to the main certificate to make it easier for third parties – especially people in another country – to understand what the qualifications acquired by the holder of the certificate mean. Europass Certificate Supplements, which are widely used in many European countries, are issued to students who graduated from secondary vocational and technical education institutions affiliated to the Ministry of National Education in our country, together with their diplomas if they have a written application. VQA is presented to VQA Vocational Qualification Certificate holders by VQA. 


The original and translated name of the certificate, the skills and competencies of the certificate holder, the types of occupations that the certificate holder can enter, the legal basis of the certificate, the official ways of obtaining the certificate, the issuing and accrediting bodies, the level of the certificate within the framework of qualification, the requirements for entry to the next education level and the transition possibilities. 

The Europass supplement in Turkish and English related to this training is as follows in the link below.

The Process of Education:

  • The training will be broadcast live simultaneously over the Internet.
  • In order to participate in the training, you must have internet access and a suitable internet package in your current environment.
  • In order for the educational system to be used,camera and microphone equipment have been introduced, a device that can connect to the Internet(smartphone, tablet and preferably computer) is needed.
  • Participants will log in to the system with their cameras and microphones turned on together with our instructor who provides the training during the specified lesson hours.
  • User names and passwords will be sent to the participants' e-mails before the training starts.
  • After the trainings are completed, the system will be kept open for participants for another 7 days. By the end of the seventh day at 23:00, the system will be completely shut down.
  • In order to help us during the training period, a whatsapp group will be created in the form of sending messages only to the administrator, and all kinds of support information will be shared by the administrator during the lesson period. Participants have all kinds of questions and problems they can write to our address. The mail will be followed up instantly during the training.

Important Information:

  • Certificates are issued for participation of 80% and above of the total training period. for participation of 79% and below, no documents will be issued. 
  • After the completion of the training period, certificates will be issued after the controls belonging to our institution and will be sent to the addresses you entered at the time of registration with PTT Cargo. Your address and contact information must be up-to-date.
  • Participants have all kinds of questions and problems they can write to our address. The mail will be followed up instantly during the training.
  • Application for education and paying the tuition fee online are made via the Internet. Installment payments cannot be paid on the participants' bank credit cards.


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