Social Contribution to Our Stakeholders and Stakeholders


Mutual interaction and cooperation of internal and external stakeholders will reveal the social contribution. Our internal stakeholders, including our academic and administrative staff and associate, undergraduate and graduate students, NGOs, individuals of the public / private institutions and organizations and other society constitute our external stakeholders. In our social contribution process; Our university's strategic plan, quality policy, targets are taken into consideration, activities are planned, carried out and finalized by taking into account the opportunities of the institution. At the end of the processes and processes, the opinions of internal and external stakeholders are taken, evaluated and necessary improvements are made.


• Working in cooperation with the objectives and cooperation of the Quality Coordinatorship of our university, the needs of the society in the region and in our country are determined, the type and scope of education, the method of implementation are planned and put into practice.

• To design programs that are open to learning, questioning, committed to self-values, sensitive to collective problems, have scientific thinking, analytical, solution-oriented, are successful in national and international employment, have the ability to take part in national and international organizations, and are equipped with self-confidence,

• To implement modules that will meet the social responsibility demands of the participants in order to create social contribution awareness,

• To develop training programs related to the content of new ideas and inventions, new products or improvements based on science and technology.

• To carry out preliminary studies to develop Public-University-Industry-International Collaborations

• Designing educational programs that will meet the needs of the region within the scope of the size of my university, attracting the attention of internal dynamics

• To coordinate the issues of education in subjects such as guidance and counseling to the individuals needed in the society in the field of basic education and secondary education,

• To plan and implement trainings on child-family communication skills for parents • To provide skill acquisition support through trainings to be organized for disadvantaged groups in the society

• To prepare all kinds of training programs for the units covering social sciences to identify social problems and to produce solutions.

• To evaluate the future demands related to the special issues needed throughout Bursa and to produce solutions.


• Organizing mandatory occupational health and safety trainings for our students in accordance with hazard class grades.

• Preparation of our students for business life and business discipline with part-time student employment.

• Educations planned by our relevant academic team that complements or enhances their education.

• Planned trainings for academic staff.

• Trainings with wide participation organized within the scope of cooperation with the relevant units of Metropolitan Municipality and Nilüfer Municipality.

• Educations organized for public lawyers in cooperation with BTSO.

• Educations for the development of their members or employees organized in cooperation with cooperatives specific to Bursa.

• Solution-oriented contributions to the trainings organized by our internal stakeholders for external stakeholders.

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