Mission / Vision


To be a university that is preferred with its quality education, conducts qualified scientific research, contributes to the increase of welfare with its innovation and entrepreneurship.


To raise preferred individuals with scientific and professional knowledge, to produce qualified and original information, to contribute to development by cooperating with all sectors thanks to the knowledge it produces.


Common Sense and Participation

To ensure that employees participate in management processes at all levels by protecting their individual characteristics and ideals, and to value the opinions and thoughts of all stakeholders.

Commitment to Ethical Values

To pay attention to legal, scientific and moral values in our work.

Corporate Belonging

To ensure the satisfaction of the employees and students of our university, to care, to prepare the ground for the formation of new ideas by approaching different ideas and suggestions with understanding.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

To support the transformation of new ideas and initiatives into useful, high value-added products and services.

Respect and Sensitivity to the Environment

To be a pioneer for the protection, sustainability and improvement of the environment.

Respect for Universal and Social Values

Within the framework of the duties and responsibilities of our university, to be respectful and sensitive to universal and social values with employees and all stakeholders.

Support to Local and Community Development

To support local and social development with academic knowledge, sensitivity to global and local issues.

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