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Bursa Uludağ University Continuing Education Application Research Center in 2014; "Within the framework of the university's basic value of lifelong learning; to contribute to the development of the University's cooperation with national and international institutions and organizations by organizing education/certificate programs to be given outside of academic programs in all areas where it conducts education, training and research, and to carry out exams authorized by the University or by various institutions within this framework, and by encouraging interdisciplinary master's and doctoral programs other than the existing master's and doctoral programs in the institutes." purpose.

Today, both in the private and public sectors, there is a greater need for human resources that prioritize awareness and can make a difference in the way of doing business. This situation has increased the need for individuals who systematically and continuously "improve themselves" and have "lifelong learning" skills.

Lifelong learning is one of the issues that has been emphasized in Turkey in recent years as well as in the modern world.

In this direction, our university is trying to fulfill this mission with Bursa Uludağ University Continuing Education Application and Research Center (ULUSEM).

In this context, the trainings that ULUSEM provides certification are;

· By assisting with professional and personal development.

· By contributing to the acquisition of a profession.

· Giving new career opportunities

It offers corporate and individual solutions to industrial and social collaborations.



In the Uludağ University Continuing Education Application and Research Center Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated February 26, 2017 and numbered 29991, the activities of the Center are as follows.

a) To share the knowledge and experiences created within the University with the society in order to contribute to the solution of individual and social problems and to present them for the benefit of society.

b) To plan, organize or arrange training programs, courses, seminars, conferences at national and international level in all kinds of fields needed by public institutions, private sector and international organizations and individuals.

c) To ensure the coordination of all kinds of activities carried out for this purpose in the departments affiliated to the Rectorate.

ç) Within the scope of the cooperation between the university and the business world, to prepare training programs for company owners, managers and employees, or to offer or mediate in the provision of educational consultancy.

d) To ensure the training of students related to the subjects related to the departments and programs of the faculty or vocational school and to mediate in the execution of the programs presented to the Center in this regard.

e) To provide students with interdisciplinary skills through certificate programs to be held in areas that will support departments and programs in faculties or vocational schools.

f) To encourage the opening of departments for interdisciplinary master's and doctoral programs in the institutes and to coordinate the opening of interdisciplinary master's and doctoral programs afterwards.

g) To prepare projects in scientific, social and cultural and similar fields to be carried out and to ensure that personnel are employed in these projects.

ğ) To organize training programs within the framework of lifelong learning and to mediate in the organization of these programs.

h) To negotiate with the relevant parties regarding their fields of activity, to prepare or have prepared projects for them, to participate in tenders on behalf of the parties, to make contracts and to enter into obligations.

ı) To open branches or training, consultancy and similar units belonging to the Center in different cities.

i) To cooperate with domestic and foreign universities in accordance with the purposes of the Center.

j) To provide or receive all kinds of consultancy services related to the fields of activity.

k) To organize courses open to general participation and interest-based courses within the framework of incoming requests.

l) To provide non-academic education programs for all ages and groups through distance education, face-to-face education or blended education.

m) To organize or have national and international seminars, conferences, congresses, workshops, field researches organized.

n) To open courses for the training of intermediate staff or to provide training services by any kind of distance or face-to-face method.

o) In accordance with the provisions of the Labor Law dated 22/5/2003 and numbered 4857, to provide the required trainings on occupational medicine, occupational safety expertise and occupational health and safety at the University, to issue training participation certificates to the participants of the training, to prepare publications or to provide consultancy on the subject.

ö) To organize national and international certification certification trainings face-to-face or remotely accessed, to conduct exams related to these trainings, to issue certificates, certificates and participation certificates.

p) To organize national and international personnel certification certification trainings face-to-face or remotely, to conduct exams related to these trainings, to give success certificates, certificates, certificates and participation certificates.

r) To organize national and international personnel certification certification trainings in accordance with the requirements of ISO 17024, the accreditation requirements stipulated by the Turkish Accreditation Agency and the principles determined by the Vocational Qualifications Authority, to conduct examinations related to these trainings, to issue certificates, certificates and participation certificates.

s) To make or have all kinds of national and international works published and published continuously by all kinds of methods, and to create libraries and archives when necessary.

ş) When deemed necessary, to carry out training, certificate and similar programs in accordance with the credit system based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) compatible with the Bologna process, to recognize the previously acquired competencies for the completion of the relevant program.

t) To cooperate with universities, training, certification, press-publication, consultancy and other institutions and organizations at home and abroad, to carry out or mediate in the realization of training, projects, consultancy, symposiums, congresses, workshops and all kinds of similar organizations jointly or on behalf of them.

u) To conduct surveys for the participants regarding the determination of satisfaction in the trainings organized and to evaluate the results of these.

ü) To request and coordinate the employment of contracted personnel through the working capital related to the unit.


Our center serves within the scope of the above activities in line with its purpose. It contributes to the development of their qualifications by offering up-to-date trainings to institutions and individuals in line with their professions. The certificate programs do not guarantee any job to the participants and increase their self-confidence by contributing to their existing personal and professional development. Certificate programs also meet the basic and continuing education needs of individuals in trainings that some professions require and that we are authorized as an accredited institution by the requesting institution.

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