Processes and Improvements

Subject: Planning and Promotion of Trainings


• Requests from external stakeholders, faculty members, internal stakeholders are taken into consideration and relevant faculty members are reached.

• An investigation is carried out to determine whether there is a training published by any ministry regarding the training subjects. If any, the necessary studies for accreditation have been initiated.

• Together with our faculty members, the issue of training is discussed with external expert stakeholders if needed.

• The trainings to be organized are discussed and decided in the board of directors and it is requested that our faculty members who will provide the training are assigned from the relevant units.

• The training program is scheduled and notified to the requester/applicants.


• Education location, trainers and participants are informed before the education

• Appropriate physical environment is provided within the scope of the needs of the education

• The participation minutes taken for post-training certification are examined and a certificate is issued

• Issued certificates are sent to their addresses or ceremonies.

• Within the scope of the training module, promotions are made in appropriate environments (internet news, social media, boards for the institution, local media)


• Control of candidates' participation in education

• Compliance control of the content of the education and the physical environment

Accuracy and controls of records taken for education


• Backup physical media if needed

• Alternative thinking for unexpected situations related to our faculty member

• Information and studies to be carried out regarding all kinds of dissatisfaction from the participants

Topic: Training cooperation jointly organized with external stakeholders PLANNING

• In the requests from external stakeholder training companies, it is sought whether there is the ministry of education approval.

• The contract containing mutual obligations is arranged and the contract is sent to the approval of the Legal Service of our University.

• Within the scope of contractual convictions; trainings are carried out under the supervision of our center.


• Cooperation agreement, education topics agreed within the scope of cooperation, discussion and decision of education contents in the board of directors

• Ensuring systemic and physical controls in cooperative educations

• In the education promotions, it is stated that the educations are only for professional and personal development purposes and do not guarantee any profession or job, and the participants should not be misled.


• Participant information about the educations to be opened at the beginning of the trainings was obtained.

• At the end of the education, attendance charts, participant information, valid exam grades were taken.

• Documents were prepared and delivered to the candidates.


• Educational physical environments were visited.

• In A-Synchronous trainings, the duration of the training and the duration of the participants' stay in the system were followed.


• Additional time is granted to the candidates who do not complete within the specified periods.

• Before sending documents in the education groups, a sample was made from the participants, the candidates were called by our center, the price paid, the amount of the invoice sent to them was verified, and if there was satisfaction, their suggestions were asked.

• As of 01.01.2018, cooperation agreements and collaborations in education with external stakeholders have been terminated.

Subject: Ensuring the continuity of the trainings in the best way during and after the Pandemic Period

Studies: To make the necessary researches on the method of trainings. Revealing the clear lines between face-to-face compulsory, synchronous and a-synchronous trainings. In face-to-face trainings, legal regulations were followed, and in internet trainings, sample applications and market research were carried out that provide appropriate server service. In the researches carried out, the degree of confidence of the trainings and the participation in the trainings was taken into consideration. The server where the trainings will be used has been taken care not to create open vulnerabilities within the scope of personal data protection law.


• The Ministry of Health, Provincial Governorships and Provincial Health Directorates, the Higher Education Institution will follow the regulations regarding the sensitivities of the pandemic period and inform our faculty members who bring education proposals and the sensitivities of the subject to the institutions or individuals who apply for training through which channels

• Positioning of education module program hours in accordance with the training method

• Meeting the requirements of the pandemic period in the physical environment and physical environment needed

• Monitoring the conditions during the continuation of the education

• Behavior patterns when unexpected situations are encountered

• Completion of the education process

• Certification and filing of the issued documents in digital or physical environment,

• Delivery of the training output to the participants (Certificate of Participation, Certificate of Completion of Education, Certificate)


• The number of participants in the training modules is limited to 20-40

• In face-to-face educations, educations were carried out in areas of sufficient size, 4 square meters for each participant, and attention was paid to the distance rule.

• Temperature meter, disinfectant and mask were provided for face-to-face training environments.

• In face-to-face educations, no treats were given except for closed glasses of water.

• Mass educations were continued in A-Synchronous educations.

• For synchronous educations, the ulusem education portal was created and the training was carried out through the institution-specific portal.

• All kinds of pre-applications, final applications, fee collections, etc. related to the education were carried out through the ulusem interface that serves in line with the ulusem management panel over the internet.

• Candidates are constantly informed by customer service phone, informative SMS and mails.

• In the education modules opened during the training process, whatsap groups were formed with the approval of the candidates and appropriate documents were shared regarding the information and training content.

• Shipping the documents issued after the training to the addresses entered during registration


• Determination that education applications are made to the management panels in full

• Ensuring that the transaction can be completed in the virtual pos application for training fees, and that the bank receipts of the money transfer fees are taken from the e-mails and matched with the relevant bank account

• Admission of the applicant to the education at the moment when the training applications and education fee collections are full

• Informing those who are accepted to the training

• Re-informing faculty members and participants according to the number of days between the application and the start date of the education

• In synchronous educations, the user name and password of the candidates for the assignments to the training portal classes were sent to the candidates before the training.

• During the educations, the education process in face-to-face trainings was monitored on-site by the participants and the faculty member who gave the training.

• At the beginning of the synchronous educations, short videos were sent to the trainees and faculty members and supported by phone if needed.

• As long as synchronous trainings continued, our technical personnel followed the education for systemic errors.

• Necessary information and warnings have been given to our participants and faculty members about user-induced problems.


• Determination of alternative education areas in reserve related to the negativities experienced in the physical field of education in face-to-face trainings.

• Within the scope of the education dates related to face-to-face education areas, the allocation of space, the safety for the institution and the heat-cooling center were informed.

• In synchronous educations, system follow-ups have been carried out.

• During the education, the candidates were again dictated that the documents to be issued after the education would be sent to their addresses, and the change, if any, was requested to be notified by e-mail as long as the education continued.

• It has been informed that our educations are professional and personal development educations and that the documents received will not provide any profession.

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