Game Use in Education

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 Last update date 03/2024

Fighting Mobbing in Psychological and Legal Aspects check out our education.

The purpose of education 

The participants will be able to explore the relationship between teachers and students. Also, they will bond with their own experiences and healer role of game.  

The participants will be able to experience the use of examples of different game types for classroom concentration. So that they will explore the use of focus-based games both for students whose are wanting to be developed privately and all classes by their own. 

The participants will be able to be related with focus-based game approaches and in-class and out-of-class learning experiences. 

Game reflects the child in its truest form. Thanks to these games, you can find the opportunity to get to know your students from completely different perspectives. 

The process of education 

The method of education: Formal and practical education 

Place of education: Bursa Uludag University Gorukle Campus-Bursa 

Education Content 

  • Theoretical introduction to the relationship between education and games. The focus game examples which are always playing without material. 
  • The impact of free games in-class and out-of-class on classroom culture. Examples of games produced using trivial boxes in the classroom. 
  • Game attitude of playworker teacher. Examples of in-class and out-of-class use of street games and talent games.  
  • Relationship of game and security. Examples of in-class focus game types played with ball and rope. 
  • Relationship of flexible game areas and class management. Different game creation experiences from well-known games. 
  • Relationship of digital games and education. Games of web 2.0 with target focusing which is used in classroom.  
  • Other game types and use examples of games in classroom. Design, Skill, Box, Brain games applications and examples of applications aimed at focusing on the classroom. 
  • Sharing focus games which are created by each participant with group. 
  • Assessment 

Who can participate in the education 

  • Primary and secondary school teachers 


Number of participants: Education will be opening with a minimum of 12 and maximum 24 people. 

Important Information:

  • Certificates are issued for participation of 80% and above of the total training period. for participation of 79% and below, no documents will be issued. 
  • After the completion of the training period, certificates will be issued after the controls belonging to our institution and will be sent to the addresses you entered at the time of registration with PTT Cargo. Your address and contact information must be up-to-date.
  • Participants have all kinds of questions and problems they can write to our address. The mail will be followed up instantly during the training.
  • Application for education and paying the tuition fee online are made via the Internet. Installment payments cannot be paid on the participants' bank credit cards.


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