Big Data Technologies and Analysis

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 Last update date 03/2024

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Big Data Technologies and Analysis

Training Dates: Pre-registration is taken, it is dated according to the request status and information is provided.

The Purpose of Education:

In this training, it is aimed to learn the technologies used in the processing, storage and analysis of big data.

Who Should Participate:

Those who aim to take part in the IT sector and want to perform data storage and analysis on data using big data technologies can participate. Those who want to experience current applications such as HADOOP and Spark can participate.
Training Method: Live Simultaneous Remote (Synchronous)

Duration of Training: 60 Lesson Training Hours

Educational Content

  • Relational databases, E-R diagrams and classical data storage and query technologies. SQL language entry level,
  • Introduction to Big Data: Concepts, terminology, characteristics and types of big Data such as 5V, structured, unstructured, semi-structured and metadata.
  • Storage and Analysis in Big Data: Covers storage concepts such as clusters, distributed file systems, RDBMS, NoSQL, sharding, memory storage, as well as large data processing concepts such as parallel, distributed, batch data processing and Hadoop.
  • HADOOP structure and commands.
  • HDFS filing system.            
  • Big Data Analysis Techniques: Covers analysis techniques and topics such as quantitative, qualitative data mining, statistical analysis, Machine Learning, semantic analysis and visual data analysis.
  • The MapReduce Framework and Hadoop: Other design patterns for parallel processes and big data processing. HDFS, YARN and Hue.
  • Pig applications
  • Mapreduce API with java
  • Basic Programming
  • Hive applications and applications on data warehouses,        
  • The Use of Spark(RDD-Spark).
  • Flume and Kafka.              
  • Spark data flow, Kafka and Cassandra usage
  • MLlib with Spark, Machine Learning applications
  • Visualization in Large Data Sets.

Certification process:

At the end of the training, Bursa Uludağ University Continuous Education Application Research Center certificate is given. Our certificates can be questioned in the E-Government. The certificate is issued to candidates who have 80% or more participation in the training.  no documents are issued for 79% and below participations. Our certificates can be verified via e-government.

Application Process:

Application for education and paying the tuition fee online are made via the Internet. Bank credit card of the participants (installment cannot be made). At the end of the training, the certificate issued together with the Bursa Uludağ University Revolving Fund Management invoice will also be sent by PTT cargo to the address you filled out when registering. the accuracy of your information during registration is important.


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