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Equality and Diversity





Available for Purchase
By local and international organisations, businesses, government, and educational departments

Price *
For Max 40 Participants
Tuition: €13.100
Subsistence: €675 **
Total: €13.775


At purchaser provided facility

Certificate awarded by the Bursa Uludag University on course completion


1.5 + days 


Instructor-Led Training




*  Closed to individual application, course is supplied to institutions and training providers only.

** Charge subject to change depending on location.


Core Module 1: Transforming Gender Imbalance for Workplace Peace / 150 minutes

Core Module 2: Violence Against Women: Causes and Countermeasures / 150 Minutes

Module 3:           Bullying in the Workplace / 80 Minutes


Target Audience

This course is for change advocates, leaders, and policymakers interested in developing and promoting social gender peace within the workspace and society.



Inspired by the historical appeal "the Sisterhood is Strong" within Feminist Theory, this training promotes the approach: "Solidarity across Genders".

  • It presents a roadmap for developing peace and solidarity between genders, providing the tools and techniques necessary for change and transformation.
  • It primarily addresses the male perspective but will be of guidance to a female audience.
  • Champions a new approach for both the socially powerful and the silent majority: "Hear the Voice, Share the Problem, Support, Criticise the Inner-Group" to the benefit of the discriminated.

Course Contents

The training comprises 60% theory and 40% practical workshops all underpinned by the latest research, international knowledge, and experience.



About Dr. Mavis Z. YILDIRIM

Mavis is a specialist in Social Policy and Management& Organizational Psychology, based at the Bursa Uludag University.

Mavis has been in academia for over 15 years and actively engages with the international academic community and NGOs. She studied in England for seven years, where she completed her master's degree and worked towards a doctorate at the University of Portsmouth. She has gained much experience living in many diverse communities across the globe, as a visiting scholar, receiving and giving training, participating in international projects and certificate programs, such as from the ILO and EU, and earning an academic certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies.

Mavis is determined to expand women's liberties towards building an inclusive society. This course addresses different perspectives on why gender empowerment has proven difficult, the demonstrated consequences of not including men much in solving gender problems and affairs, and what the future might bring.




Important Information:

  • Certificates are issued for participation of 80% and above of the total training period. for participation of 79% and below, no documents will be issued. 
  • After the completion of the training period, certificates will be issued after the controls belonging to our institution and will be sent to the addresses you entered at the time of registration with PTT Cargo. Your address and contact information must be up-to-date.
  • Participants have all kinds of questions and problems usem@uludag.edu.tr they can write to our address. The mail will be followed up instantly during the training.
  • Application for education and paying the tuition fee are made via the Internet. Installment payments cannot be paid on the participants' bank credit cards.



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