Social Emotional Skill Development Workshop Practitioner Training Certificate Program

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 Last update date 03/2024

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Social Emotional Skill Development Workshop Practitioner Training Certificate Program

TRAINING HOURS : 25 HOURS Face-to-Face/Online

TUITION FEE : 3.000 TL including VAT

Each training opens with a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 18 people


Teachers, Associate degree, Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral students or graduates who can practice with children after training, NGO employees can apply for training.


In this training, the aim is to train the participants as an effective psychosocial workshop practitioner. During the program, they will gain knowledge and skills in subjects such as designing psychosocial workshops, increasing the motivation of participants, managing group dynamics, developing communication skills and making effective evaluations.

The training program consists of 9 modules. Each module includes interactive lessons, group studies, role-playing activities and practical applications in which the topics are discussed in detail.

Educational Achievements:

1. Social Emotional Skills design and planning of workshops

2. The ability to increase the motivation of participants

3. Ability to manage group dynamics:

4. Effective communication skills

5. Ability to make effective evaluation

Module 1: Introduction to Social Emotional Skills Workshops

- Social Emotional Skills Definition and importance of workshops

- Expectations and goals of the participants

- Workshop methods and basic principles

Module 2: Group Dynamics and Communication Skills

- Group dynamics and group process

- The importance and development of communication skills

- Active listening and effective communication strategies

Module 3: Awareness and Self-Confidence Development

- The concept of awareness and its importance

- Formation and strengthening of self-confidence

- Workshop practices aimed at increasing awareness and self-confidence

Module 4: Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques

- Definition and effects of stress

- Stress management strategies and relaxation techniques

- Workshop practices aimed at coping with stress

Module 5: Empathy and Relationship Skills

- Definition and importance of empathy

- Development of empathy skills

- Strategies for establishing and maintaining healthy relationships

Module 6: Anger Management and Conflict Resolution

- The nature and effects of anger

- Anger management strategies

- Development of conflict resolution skills

Module 7: Self-Management and Motivation

- The importance of self-government and awareness

- Formation and maintenance of motivation

- Workshop practices aimed at increasing self-government and motivation

Module 8: Problem Solving and Decision Making

- Problem solving process and strategies

- Decision-making techniques and analysis

- Effective problem solving and decision making skills

Module 9: Required Competencies Before Application

-Approach to the child in workshop programs

- Using WEB 2.0 Tools in Social Emotional Skills training.

- Social Emotional Skills Workshop Design and Planning Process

Module 10: Application

The Process of Education:

  • The training will be broadcast live simultaneously over the Internet.
  • In order to participate in the training, you must have internet access and a suitable internet package in your current environment.
  • In order for the educational system to be used,camera and microphone equipment have been introduced, a device that can connect to the Internet(smartphone, tablet and preferably computer) is needed.
  • Participants will log in to the system with their cameras and microphones turned on together with our instructor who provides the training during the specified lesson hours.
  • User names and passwords will be sent to the participants' e-mails before the training starts.
  • After the trainings are completed, the system will be kept open for participants for another 7 days. By the end of the seventh day at 23:00, the system will be completely shut down.
  • In order to help us during the training period, a whatsapp group will be created in the form of sending messages only to the administrator, and all kinds of support information will be shared by the administrator during the lesson period. Participants have all kinds of questions and problems they can write to our address. The mail will be followed up instantly during the training.

Important Information:

  • Certificates are issued for participation of 80% and above of the total training period. for participation of 79% and below, no documents will be issued. 
  • After the completion of the training period, certificates will be issued after the controls belonging to our institution and will be sent to the addresses you entered at the time of registration with PTT Cargo. Your address and contact information must be up-to-date.
  • Participants have all kinds of questions and problems they can write to our address. The mail will be followed up instantly during the training.
  • Application for education and paying the tuition fee are made via the Internet. Installment payments cannot be paid on the participants' bank credit cards.


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